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We make contracts easier with AI and expertise.

We offer A.I. enabled solutions to help reduce risk to your firm, as well as reducing time to review contracts, so that you can focus on how to address the issues raised by the A.I in the contracts for your clients and increase profitability.

Three Easy Steps


Upload the contract you are reviewing in pdf, doc or docx format and select the document type from your negotiating perspective.


Our Sifters tell you what important business and legal concepts are missing and present. They offer in-context advice from either your lawyers and leaders or from our library of best practices.


Edit contract in LegalSifter and export to Word, WordPerfect, Google Docs, or any other word processing application.

Sifter Concierge

Before You Sign

LegalSifter is AI and expertise software that reads contracts before they are signed, saving time and reducing risk.

After You Sign

Sifter Concierge is an AI service that keeps contract data clean when you do not have the time or the money.

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Delivering extraordinary results at the speed of business, the Pagetech legal services team becomes an extension of your own – without the additional hourly rates or headcount! Reduce your external legal costs, while maintaining exceptional standards, and free up your in-house legal team to focus on more strategic work.

Our legal services are fully customisable to suit your needs, and include multifaceted contract management, as well as procurement services.

At Pagetech, we:

  1. Provide regular data for your review, so that you can see the impact of our work.
  2. Establish regular governance calls to ensure that we adapt to your changing business strategies.
  3. Offer guaranteed SLAs.
  4. Draft standard agreements for you, or…
  5. Revamp your existing standard agreements to ensure that they mitigate your main risks.
  6. Provide workable document automation and other legal tech solutions to ensure optimum efficiency in the contracting process.
  7. Develop playbooks with you to agree on fall-back positions.
  8. Negotiate all agreements to a close based on the agreed-upon fall-back positions and judgement calls of our experienced lawyers.
  9. Ensure consistency in your business’s approach to contracts and other legal documents.
  10. Ensure that the relevant departments are forewarned when your contracts are coming up for renewal.
  11. Provide you with a simplified statement of risk in respect to contracts entered into, allowing you to make timely changes to your insurance as required.
  12. Assist you with notices of breach of contract and/or termination.
  13. Assist in defining and enforcing force majeure.
  14. To find out more about how Pagetech legal services can innovate and elevate your contracting and procurement practices, visit our contact page to get in touch.
  1. Drafting standard agreement templates
  2. Health check existing standard agreements
  3. Draft agreements based off Clients standard templates and negotiate based on agreed playbooks
  4. Prepare red flag reviews of agreements to be entered into by Client on the other sides’ paper
  5. Prepare mark-ups of agreements to be entered into by Client on the other sides’ paper and negotiate to close based on playbooks agreed with Client
  6. Prepare playbooks for Client in respect of standard agreements, or agreement types which Client frequently enters into, agree the playbooks with Client
  1. Draft Variations or Notices to or in respect of existing agreements Cape Office has concluded for Client
  2. Document retention and alerting of upcoming renewals on behalf of Client in respect of documents Cape Office has concluded for Client
  3. Providing Client with a contract summary per agreement concluded (based on pre agreed categories
  1. Prepare due diligence report based on pre-agreed risk categories
  1. Draft RFP, including proposed agreement
  2. Evaluation of RFP Responses
  3. Conclusion of Agreement with preferred bidder


Let us facilitate a conversation between your documents to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.



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