Any Space is Office Space

Pagetech IT Services can revolutionise the way you do business, by providing speedy, secure access to your IT systems anywhere, anytime! Join the Cloud Computing generation and access all your business documents and other data from any phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or other electronic device!
Our secure remote access services help ensure you’re never offline! Improve the efficiency and efficacy of your business, save time and money, and work from anywhere in the world with Pagetech IT Services!
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Remote Access

Any space is office space. With a stable internet connection, you can access and operate any computer on your network remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Email

Losing your cellphone or laptop is bad enough, losing your valuable business communications is worse. That’s why switching to Cloud Computing and email hosting makes sense! Access your emails anywhere, anytime, from any device!

Cloud Computing 

Head in the clouds? Time your documents join in! Save your important data to the Cloud and rest assured you can access and download it from any device, at any time.

Cloud Calling

Tired of poor connections and skyhigh cellphone bills? Switch to Cloud Calling, and place your business calls over your Broadband network

Team Work

They say it makes the dream work, and what better way to foster collaboration, especially between a geographically dispersed workforce checking in remotely, than by allowing multiple team-members to work on a project at once.

Cloud Conferencing

Heads in the clouds, Cloud Conferencing allows you to meet colleagues and associates face-to-face without having to leave your office.


Let us facilitate a conversation between your documents to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.



Ricoh, RISO, Britesmith and Panda Partners. The combination of these superior brands – coupled with our dedicated after-sales service, makes us a formidable force.